Protocol for Greeters

Liturgy is the heart of the St. Mary worship experience. Liturgical ministers serve in various capacities to facilitate a peaceful, prayerful and inspirational experience for all who worship here.   All Liturgical ministers are called to be an example of: respect, honor and reverence throughout the mass.   In addition, general appearance, apparel, and accessories worn during the liturgy should reflect the dignity of the role of one called upon to assist in the sacred liturgy.

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of Mass.
  • Print name on the Sacristan’s Sign-In Sheet located in the Work Sacristy.
  • If a greeter does not show up for his/her post, notify the Sacristan who will find a replacement.
  • Check that all exterior doors to the church are unlocked and no exits are obstructed.
  • Make sure song sheets, bulletins and English/Spanish Missals are at both entrances.
  • Make sure the Sacristan has placed the collection bags in the St. Patrick Chapel.
  • Ensure there are enough collectors to take up the collection. [Select both males and females and     rotate ushers so as many parishioners as possible can be utilized.]
  • Check with the Sacristan to see whom he has selected to bring up the gifts. [If the Mass intention is  for a specific individual, if possible, members of that family should bring up the gifts.]
  •  Greeter 1 stands at the side entrance near the Rectory and Greeter 2 stands at the Broadway  entrance. If there is a 3rd Greeter assigned, he/she should assist at the Broadway entrance.
  • Warmly greet and welcome people as they enter church, handing each person a song sheet and a  prayer card (Creed/Gloria) if available. Also ask if they would like an English/Spanish Missal. Stay at the door until the Gospel is proclaimed. When the congregation sits for the Homily, Greeter 1 joins Greeter 2 at the Broadway entrance to the church. A greeter should be present at the Broadway entrance throughout the mass.
  • Ensure collectors are at the back of the church during the general intercessions and they have been assigned to a specific aisle.
  • Ensure that collectors are quiet and reverent though-out the collection.
  • After the general intercessions, the ushers should begin the first collection.
  • One greeter should assist the sacristan in placing the collection in the collection bag.
  • If there is to be a second collection wait for the Presider to receive the gifts from the gift-bearers. When the gift-bearers begin to return to their seats, start the second collection.
  • Remain at the back of the church during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. During the Lamb of God take up positions in the main aisle side by side. When the Presider begins to give Holy Communion to the Ministers at the altar, proceed with the other greeter up the main aisle. After you receive Holy Communion, proceed to the side aisles. [receive the Precious Blood if you wish], then step down off the platform to the main floor of the church and be ready to help anyone who may need your assistance stepping down.
  • After the congregation has received Communion, if necessary, discreetly notify either the Presider or other minister of anyone who needs Communion brought to them.
  • After the Eucharist is reserved in the Tabernacle, the greeters return to their assigned exits and get the bulletins ready for distribution.
  • As the congregation is leaving, hand them a bulletin and wish them a farewell greeting.
  • Once most of the Congregation has left the church, collect the songs sheets, prayer cards, and English/Spanish missals left in the pews, and ensure the pews are clean. Any left items should be brought to the Sacristy. If this is not the last mass of the weekend, tidy up the song sheets and bulletins and ensure they are ready for the next mass. After the 10:00 mass, bring all song sheets to the recycle bin in the work Sacristy. Leave bulletins.

[Revised 11/4/2014]