Protocol for Crossbearers

Liturgy is the heart of the St. Mary worship experience. Liturgical ministers serve in various capacities to facilitate a peaceful, prayerful and inspirational experience for all who worship here.   All Liturgical ministers are called to be an example of: respect, honor and reverence throughout the mass.   In addition, general appearance, apparel, and accessories worn during the liturgy should reflect the dignity of the role of one called upon to assist in the sacred liturgy.

  1. Print name on the Sacristan’s Sign-In Sheet located in the Work Sacristy

When both altar servers and Deacon are NOT present

  1. Carry the Cross and lead the opening procession. Proceed onto the altar and place the cross in the stand. Do no bow when holding the Cross. Sit on the bench behind the Presider.
  2. After the Gloria, the Presider says, “Let us pray.” Come out of the pew and hold the book for the Presider. Return to the pew.
  3. After the Prayer of the Faithful, take the book and place it on the book stand on the altar and cross to the other side of the sanctuary.
  4. Bring the chalices (with corporal and purificators) to the altar and wait until the Presider sets the altar.
  5. Go with the Presider to receive the gifts. The Presider will hand you the wine and water cruets, and he will take the hosts to the altar as you bring the cruets, which you will hand to him when needed.
  6. As the Presider continue the Offertory prayers, bring the empty wine and water cruets to the Credence shelf then go to the small table and bring the Presider the pitcher of water, bowl and towel for the washing of his hands. Return them to the table. Sit in the pew on the Gospel side.
  7. Receive Holy Communion on the altar, and return to the pew on the opposite side of the altar. If the Presider hasn’t removed the book from the altar, remove it and return it to the small table next to his chair. If no one has cleared the Communion vessels and cloths from the altar after the Presider has place the remaining host in the Tabernacle, remove them to the side shelve at this time.
  8. When the Presider says, “Let us pray,” bring the book to him and hold it while he reads.
  9. At the end of the Mass, take the Cross into the center aisle, leaving room for the other liturgical ministers. Stand facing the altar until the Presider bows and turns around. Lead the procession out of the church. (Even numbered Sundays, proceed to the side door. Odd numbered Sundays, proceed to the Broadway entrance.)

With Deacon but no altar server(s)


With no Deacon and only one alter server

  1. Carry the Cross as above, (#1) but return to a pew in the congregation close to the sanctuary.
  2. After the Prayer of the Faithful, bow to the altar and go the small table to get the water pitcher, bowl and towel to assist with the washing of the hands. Then return to the pew in the congregation.
  3. At the end of the Mass, bow to the altar and get the Cross to lead procession out as above (#9).

With two altar server(s) but no Deacon

  1. Same as above, (#1) but remain in the pew in the congregation the entire Mass.
  2. At the end of the Mass, bow to the altar and get the Cross to lead the procession out as about (#9)

[Revised 11/4/2014]