Funeral Ministry

Contact: Jolene Gamache

The Death of St. Joseph, Photo by Eric Sung

The Death of St. Joseph, Photo by Eric Sung

Burying the dead is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

The purpose of the Funeral Ministry is to assist the family of the deceased with preparations for their loved one’s funeral and to serve the celebrant and those present at the funeral with God’s grace and the dignity of our Church community.

The funeral ministers serve in varied ways:

  • Hosting a family interview by meeting with them in person to select readings and music for the funeral and to listen to stories about their loved one
  • Sharing notes on the family stories with the pastor/celebrant for the funeral Mass
  • Preparing the altar, sacristy and church for a funeral by positioning the items necessary for this solemn rite
  • Acting as greeters at the church entrances for funeral directors, family members, and other mourners
  • Attending the funeral Mass as a support to the bereaved
  • Serving as Liturgical Ministers during the funeral in such roles as cross bearers, lectors, altar servers, and Eucharistic ministers

As funeral ministers, we are greatly encouraged by testimonies of the families such as this one recently sent to us.  There are not enough words but a simple thank you for all you did to make the funeral Mass very special.  Your support and friendship are greatly appreciated.  God bless!

We serve those grieving the loss of a loved one who is buried from the Church of St. Mary.  Each November, we prepare a Special Memorial Service to remember those buried from our parish during the past year.