Protocol for Lectors

Liturgy is the heart of the St. Mary worship experience. Liturgical ministers serve in various capacities to facilitate a peaceful, prayerful and inspirational experience for all who worship here.   All Liturgical ministers are called to be an example of: respect, honor and reverence throughout the mass.   In addition, general appearance, apparel, and accessories worn during the liturgy should reflect the dignity of the role of one called upon to assist in the sacred liturgy.

All ministers should arrive at church at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to start of Mass and PRINT name on Sacristan’s Sign-In Sheet located in the Work Sacristy.

Lectors process in and out but celebrate the Mass in the pews (any of those close to the sanctuary).

When only one lector…….after the Gloria and “Let us pray….Amen,” approach and bow to the altar, at the ambo proclaim the first reading, sit in pew at the altar for the Responsorial Psalm, proclaim the second reading, return to pew in congregation, return to ambo to read Prayers of the Faithful after the Creed, and return to pew for the remaining parts of the Mass.  

When two lectors……….after the Gloria and “Let us pray….Amen,” approach and bow to the altar together. Lector 2 sits at the altar pew while Lector 1 proclaims the first reading. Lector 1 returns to the altar pew with Lector 2 for the Responsorial Psalm. Lector 2 proclaims the second reading and together, Lectors return to the congregation. After the Creed, Lector 2 approaches and reverences the altar, reads the Prayers of the Faithful, and then returns to the congregation.

Receive Communion with the congregation.


[Revised 11/4/2014]